Organisational Development Readings (2015)

Aim: To introduce students to the field of Organisational Development (OD) as an applied behavioural science discipline that is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of individuals and groups within organisations through the use of theory and practice of planned change. To provide students with a conceptual framework for the underlying principles, theories, values, beliefs and assumptions of OD in order to understand why and how individuals, groups and organisations as a whole have to adapt their constantly changing local and global environments to survive, cope and prosper.
Content: Definitions of OD; its historical development; the principles, values, beliefs and assumptions that guide OD theory and practice; how to plan and implement OD interventions; the client-consultant relationship - its challenges and opportunities; organisational power and its implications for OD practitioners as well as the future of OD.
Assessment: Cumulative assessment (40%), Examination (60%).
DP Requirement: Class mark minimum of 40%

Organisational Development Readings (2015)

Postby Lola Whiteley » Sun May 17, 2015 3:37 pm

...and lastly, here are the given readings: ... kp5Na?dl=0


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